Our Pupils Achievement


GLD = Good level of Development (reaching expected standards in Reading, Writing, Maths, Personal & Social Education, Physical Development and Communication & Language)

Strengths in EYFS are –

  • Above national GLD for all pupils
  • Improved trend from below national in 2016 to above in 2018
  • Girls are above national in all 17 Early Learning Goals
  • Outcome in specific and prime areas of learning are above national at expected and exceeding ELGs.

Strengths in Y1 Phonics  –

  • Above national results
  • Sustained improvement from consistently below national to above over the last 5 years
  • Boys improved by 20% since 2016
  • Higher than national number of pupils scored 37-40 marks.

Exp = expected standard GD = Greater Depth (working above expected standard)

Strengths in End of Key Stage 1 results are –

  • Reading, writing and maths above national
  • Improved writing and maths since 2016
  • SEND girls achieve above national in writing and maths