Sports Premium Funding

What is School Sport Funding?

In September 2013 all schools received new ring-fenced ‘Funding for PE and Sport’.  The funding has continued each year with the aim of supporting primary schools in the delivery of PE and sport.

Funding is an £8000 lump sum with an additional £5.00 per child aged 5-11, based upon the January school census.  Chellaston Infant School will receive approximately £9500.

Schools have flexibility on how they use the funding but it should be used to increase and improve the offer available to pupils.  Development and training of staff to provide sustainable improvements is also a key focus.

As you can imagine, we continue to be extremely excited about the sports funding.  We already work closely with the Derby School Sport Partnership (SSP) which is a network of both primary and secondary schools which come together to promote sporting opportunities and professional development across Derby city.  We will continue to work with the partnership this year.

What happened with the funding during 2015/2016?

During this year we used the funding in a variety of exciting ways.  The impact of the funding is as follows:

  • Staff have attended specific development training this year. The Derby City Sports partnership supported us with this.  Lesson observations, questionnaires and learning walks have revealed that staff feel more confident in their delivery of the PE curriculum.  Pupils are using more specific PE related vocabulary in the correct context and their skill levels have increased.
  • We have continued to enhance our varied and inclusive school sport offer as an extension of the curriculum.  We established several different clubs with the intention of some of the children who attended competing in a variety of Derby city festivals and competitions.  During this year, children competed in the dance festival at the Riverside building on Pride Park and in the KS1 gymnastics festival.  We were very proud of these pupils.  Uptake is high for all of the clubs and there has been a clear impact during curriculum time of an increase of pupil skill set, especially during the curriculum dance lessons.
  • During curriculum time, we also used our funding to provide a variety of exciting opportunities for our pupils including the use of a climbing wall, yoga and fencing workshops for the children.  Pupil questionnaires revealed that the children loved trying these new activities.
  • We employed two ‘Play Leaders’ at lunchtime to increase pupil activity levels.  As a result all pupils now demonstrate a high level of engagement during lunchtime with the games.  All of the children access the lunchtime activities during the lunchtime period during the year.  All of our year 2 pupils have the opportunity to be a mini play leader and regularly help to lead the daily games for the rest of the school.
    We have developed our use of self and peer assessment with the use of ICT during PE lessons.  We purchased a further two IPADs for use during lesson time.  Pupil performance across school has improved as a direct result of these.
    What does this mean for the children and parents at Chellaston Infant school during this academic year?

For children at our school the extra funding will ensure that there will be more opportunities to attend a variety of sports clubs and competitions within the city.  We hope to inspire our children who excel at sports and develop their skill levels further.  The children will also be encouraged to take part in ‘active’ lunchtimes with our inspiring play leaders.

Action Plan 2016/17


Derby City School Sports Partnership are supporting us in enhancing our PE provision; for further information please visit their website.