PTFA November Meeting Minutes

Please find attached the minutes from the meeting on the 2nd Nov.
Welcome to some new people and also there are some great and different plans for the Christmas Events included.
As always, everyone’s help is needed and appreciated.  We want to make some fantastic memories for the children and have some fun ourselves.
We have a whatapp group too so please let us know if you would like adding to that and that you will want to receive these.
See you soon,

PTFA meeting 2-11-2017 minutes

October newsletter

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2017-18 October

Safeguarding Concern around the Chellaston Area

Wednesday 1st November, 2017

Dear Parents,

Local schools have been informed today by the police that there have been reports of a man following children in the Chellaston areas of; One Stop,Tesco, and some of the parks on the Bonnie Prince Estate.  The man is described as: Asian, aged approximately mid-20s, around 6ft tall and has been seen wearing black tracksuit bottoms and a black hooded top or green army jacket.

As this information has been given late in the day, I would ask that you remind your children tonight of the importance of staying safe. This message will be reinforced at school tomorrow, however we undertook some work just before the holidays around ‘stranger danger’ following a similar incident and this should be fresh in your child’s mind.

We recognise that children might feel a sense of anxiety or worry, but we are sure you will agree that it is a very important message. We should reassured our children that incidents like this are rare and that the police are investigating the matter further. Furthermore now it is winter and the evenings are much darker, we would not expect children to be playing out as much and ceratinly not, at infant age, unsupervised.

Please also stress to any older siblings:

  • Always ensuring that an adult has given them permission to go out and they know who they are with and where they are going.
  • Always returning home at the agreed time.
  • If they have a phone, keep it with them.
  • If they feel unsafe at any point, to go the nearest safe place eg. home or a public place (eg shop) whichever is nearest.
  • If they are being followed, phone the police immediately.

If you have any relevant information you can either contact school or call the police directly on 101.

If you have any further questions then please contact school.

Mrs Galley


Autumn Parents Evening

Our parents evening appointments are coming up after half term. Please select the appropriate class letter link below to view appointment dates. Remember to hand any slips back directly to your child’s class teacher.

Class 1  –  Caterpillars

Class 2 – Bees

Class 3 –  Ants

Class 4 – Spiders

Class 5 – Meerkats

Class 6 – Tigers

Class 7 – Elephants

Class 8 – Pandas

Class 9 – Dolphins

Class 10 – Starfish

Class 11 – Turtles

Class 12 – Penguins



For parents;

Dear Parents,

You may have seen a report in the Derby Telegraph regarding a safeguarding incident that took place in Swarkestone, where some children from Chellaston Academy were approached by someone posing as a police officer.

We want to reassure you that we will revisit ‘stranger danger’ with all children in assembly, and continue to uphold our safeguarding procedures.

Many Thanks,

Keeping our children safe

Please visit our new webpage covering all aspects of Child Protection and Safeguarding; there are lots of links to topics of interest for parents about keeping your child safe from the NSPCC.

FREE Maths Sessions for parents

Are you looking for an opportunity to improve your Maths skills? Please see the attached flier for FREE sessions for parents.

September Newsletter 2017-2018

Please select the link below to view our first newsletter of this academic year!


2017-18 September

140th Anniversary – Memories of our school

As you will know, as our longest serving member of staff, Mrs Falevina kicked off our year of anniversary items on the July newsletter and over the next year you’ll hear from some other familiar faces along with some ‘voices from the past’ as we delve into our schools first 35 years worth of Headteacher log books. Having received the log book from the records office our first discovery was our actual anniversary date which is confirmed as April 2nd 1878.

You can read Memories (1) here:

Distinction from AfPE!

We’re pleased to announce that we have, after 3 years, retained our Association of PE (AfPE) P.E. award at distinction level. Our assessors feedback noted how hard it was for schools to retain distinctions with everyone improving overall. Well done to our Healthy Living Team in school who keep us moving … Mrs P for her daily aerobics sessions … our Gym Team … our Dance Team … our teachers for their fantastic PE teaching and our children for their enthusiasm for PE and healthy living!